The National Society of Black Engineers

Concordia University Chapter

Founded — February 18, 1999

FOUNDING MEMBERS — Concordia Three

  • Ralph Cherry, ECE
  • Jason Albino, ECE
  • Dan Jose Abraham, BLD

Revised Version 2 — July 15, 2003



The National Society of Black Engineers, as a national student and professionally based organization, does hereby dedicate itself to increasing the participation of African-Canadians in the fields of engineering and applied science. As a part of our mandate, programs will be initiated both within and outside the university community, which will serve to strengthen relations between industry and the African-Canadian community. Members of this organization are encouraged to join and participate in activities of Concordia University’s Engineering Society and those professional societies advocating their respective discipline of Engineering. This organization will endeavor to provide a nurturing atmosphere that will foster the growth of members’ professional, academic, leadership and social skills.

ARTICLE I — Name and Type

National Society of Black Engineers, Concordia University Chapter is a non-profit, student run organization that is hereafter referred to as “NSBE Concordia.”

ARTICLE II — Purpose

The objectives of NSBE Concordia include the following initiatives:

  • Stimulate and develop programs that increase minority participation in the field of engineering;
  • Increase the number of students studying engineering and applied science at both the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • Increase our members’ involvement in the community at large, especially in the African-Canadian community;
  • Promote the professional development and academic achievement of our members;
  • Provide networking and other progressive social activities.

ARTICLE III — Membership

Membership shall be open to all students, staff, faculty and alumni of Concordia University, regardless of race, colour, creed, ethnicity or sex.

Section 1

Membership in the National Society shall be designated as either student or honorary.

  • Student members are undergraduate or Graduate Students currently studying Engineering, Physical/Applied Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and all other Majors.
  • Honorary members are Alumni, Faculty & Staff of Concordia University.

Section 2

  1. Members are those individuals who have paid in full the required national membership dues, as well as the required chapter dues. The student is now a paid member of the National Society of Black Engineers, Region 1 and of NSBE Concordia.
  2. The official term of membership shall last for a period of one year.
  3. Honorary members are those who have graduated from the University, and/or Faculty & Staff of the University of Concordia.
  4. Each student member of the Society shall have one vote in all matters proposed by the Executive Board and presented to the General Body for debate and acceptance.
  5. Any paid student member enrolled in the Concordia University can hold Executive Board positions. However, honorary members are not eligible to hold Executive Board positions.
  6. Only NSBE members may attend NSBE-sanctioned conferences.
  7. Membership fees must be paid by October 30 of each year for a member to be eligible for conference funding.

ARTICLE IV — Executives

Section 1

There shall be an Executive Board of NSBE Concordia which shall consist of the following:

  1. President
  2. VP External
  3. VP Internal
  4. VP Finance
  5. VP Communications

Section 2

The Executive Board shall:

  1. Consist of six (6) members each having equal voting power. The president shall preside over this board.
  2. Administer the affairs of NSBE Concordia in accordance with the Constitution.
  3. Govern in a manner that does not contradict decisions made by the vote of the general body, or the goals and objectives of the organization.
  4. Not receive any salary for service.
  5. Set the hour, agenda and place of the NSBE Concordia meetings.
  6. Appoint chairpersons of all special committees (e.g. Conference Planner, Fundraising, etc.).

Section 3

  1. President
    1. Shall preside over meetings.
    2. Shall help vice presidents organize community service events.
    3. Shall develop programs of interest for the meetings in cooperation with the Executive Board.
    4. Shall serve as a liaison between NSBE Concordia and the Zone.
    5. Shall oversee the activities of the Executive Board.
    6. Has no voting power except in a deadlock.
  2. VP External
    1. Shall implement initiatives that adhere to NSBE Concordia’s purpose (e.g. high school outreach programs, community outreach with similarly-minded organizations).
    2. Shall identify other Black engineering student/professional organizations for publicity and/or support.
    3. Shall establish interface mechanisms with above-mentioned organizations when expedient and viable.
  3. VP Internal
    1. Shall notify NSBE Concordia members of scholarships and other awards offered by the National Society of Black Engineers, USA and other organizations.
    2. Shall collect and maintain data needed to establish the progress of the National Academic Excellence Program.
    3. Shall create and maintain academic excellence programs and activities.
    4. Shall be in charge of informing members about job opportunities.
  4. VP Finance
    1. Shall keep an accurate record of all expenditures.
    2. Shall direct the financial matters of NSBE Concordia.
    3. Shall prepare monthly and term-end reports reflecting NSBE Concordia’s financial status.
    4. Shall draft an annual budget to be approved by the Executive Board.
    5. Shall promote NSBE Concordia financial growth opportunities.
    6. Shall identify and develop the chapter funding sources.
    7. Shall identify mechanisms for fund-raising.
  5. VP Communications
    1. Shall record the minutes of all Society official meetings and report the minutes of the previous meeting at the present meeting.
    2. Shall be responsible for making sure all correspondence (i.e. letter mail, electronic mail, facsimiles & voice mail) is read regularly and executive members are kept abreast of all matters.
    3. Shall copy, file and send all correspondence, committee reports and agendas, etc.
    4. Shall keep attendance at each meeting and activity as appropriate.
    5. Shall ensure NSBE Concordia, Executive Board & General membership are subscribed to appropriate NSBE listservs.
    6. Shall ensure the webpage is kept up-to-date (i.e. recruit NSBE Concordia Webmaster).

Section 4

The previous President shall serve as Chair-Emeritus, with the approval of the Executive Board.

  1. The Chair-Emeritus shall serve as an advisor to the Executive Board and shall not have a vote. The term shall coincide with the term of the Executive Board.

Section 5

Appointed Positions

  1. The term of office shall end for each appointed position either when a successor is chosen or one year from the date of appointment, whichever comes first.
  2. Any appointed member of Executive Board may be removed from office in either of the following ways:
    1. A majority vote of the Executive Board upon the recommendation of the President; or
    2. A two-thirds vote of the Executive Board without the recommendation of the President.

ARTICLE V — Finances

  1. Membership fees shall be $5.00 CDN for a one-year term of membership.
  2. NSBE Concordia will operate as a non-profit entity.
  3. NSBE Concordia financial accounts will be operated through a local bank account in the name of “NSBE Concordia.”
  4. The VP Finance shall administer the NSBE Concordia accounts.
  5. The President and VP Finance shall sign the checks.

ARTICLE V — Meetings

  1. Chapter General member meetings shall be held monthly, or at the discretion of the NSBE Concordia executive board.
  2. Chapter Executive member meetings shall be held weekly.
  3. Chapter Executive meetings shall be open to any general members, unless the Executive board has specified otherwise.

ARTICLE VII — Elections

Section 1

  1. Election by the general membership of new officers for each school year shall be held before April 15 of each school year. The newly elected officers’ terms shall last for one year beginning June 1st, while the former officers shall remain in advisory capacities for the summer term.
  2. In the event that an officer leaves before his/her term expires, or that the general membership believes that an officer has not fulfilled his/her responsibilities, a temporary officer shall be appointed by the Executive Board and shall serve in the position until a permanent officer is elected by the general membership. This election shall be held at the upcoming regularly scheduled general meeting.

Section 1

Elected Positions

  1. All elected positions shall be held by paid student members.
  2. All elected officials shall have one Executive Board vote. In the event of a deadlock, the President is the tie-breaker.

ARTICLE VIII — Amendments

  1. All major decisions including constitutional amendments will require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the general body / Executive Board in attendance.
  2. A member of the Executive board can be removed from office by a two thirds vote of the Executive Board.

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